Saturday, September 15, 2012

resistance triology

I watched someone play resistance 3 and i liked how it looked so i bought it and i loved it.
 i then decided to buy resistance 1 and 2 as they were cheap and were made by the same guys.

this was a mistake.

the games were very disapointing, the graphics are terrible and the character of Nathan Hale is an apathetic grunt.
  For a hard game, there is very little motivation to endure and i soon gave up on them .
how could it have been the same people making them ? i dunno, i don't want to know what goes on with Insomniac games thought process and decision making but by the looks of "fuse" they have gone back to make crappy generic games.

i want to think that resistance 3 suffered with poor sales because it was attached to the resistance brand and not because there aren't anymore gamers that can enjoy one of the few good fps experiences that exist for this current generation.

i really want to think that because resistance 3 is a jewel of a game.

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